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Sally Jo: Violin lessons in Suffolk 

Thanks to the violin, I have been fortunate to have a life full of happiness. It’s shown me the world, put food on the table, a roof over my head and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I’m thankful to the bands and orchestras I have played in and with, but no more thankful than to my childhood violin teacher. To be that teacher to others and to share all that I have learnt on this journey is richly rewarding.

EPIC teacher! Sally jo has the patience of a Saint. Lessons are always fun and full of laughter😁

Samantha Grainger

"My daughter is 9 and had decided to quit the violin as was not enjoying her lessons at school. We read what Sally Jo wrote about making lessons fun and decided to give it a go. Suddenly my daughter is loving the violin again and really proud of the progress she is making. Sally Jo listened to and remembered the style of music my daughter wanted to play, but also has her happily practising scales and trying to improve things like posture and bowing techniques. My daughter looks forward to her lessons now and said she wishes she could have a lesson with Sally Jo on Christmas Day."

Juliet Frohn

"Really lovely teacher, very encouraging and patient. Explains everything thoroughly to someone that is not at all musical. Highly recommend"

Helena Bond

"Sally is a great teacher and very patient and positively encouraging, I was a complete novice scratching and squawking across the strings with never a complaint even though it must have been painful to her ears ( so apologies sal !)

I have learnt to sight read the music and my playing has really improved thanks to Sally, Sally pushes you just hard enough to be working and enjoying playing the fiddle and she has helped my confidence in playing greatly as a result. I would highly recommend Sally as a teacher"

Steve Looby

Sally Jo is such an excellent teacher! Her approach and attitude towards teaching has made my daughter to fall in love with playing Violin, and we intend to stick with her for such a looooong time. Joseph Oluabey

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