A bit more about Sally Jo...


‘Sally Jo’ hails from Perth, Western Australia. Sal trained from the age of eight in classical music, first on the violin and later on the viola. Much of her teenage years were spent touring with orchestras before she went on to further study music at university.


From 2000-2010, Sal lived in Bali where she founded World Music Fusion band, Saharadja. The band’s success saw it performing extensively with regular international tours of countries such as South Africa, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. As well as being a festival must have, they also performed privately for dignitaries and Royalty, through to major events, such as F1, and many TV show appearances. Performing a blend of Celtic, Gypsy, Arabic, Aboriginal, Indonesian, and many other styles of music with their own twist, Saharadja recorded 3 albums: 'One World', "Limited Edition' and 'Abracadabra’.


In 2010, Sal moved to London to join cinematic metal band Splintered Soul. Playing a 6-string fretted electric violin through a modified guitar rig, she was able to produce a vast range of sounds from acoustic violin, to orchestral string sections, to overdriven guitar sounds. She spent several months in the studio with Splintered Soul recording both electric and acoustic violin band parts, and layering the orchestral string elements for their ill-fated (but still long awaited) debut album.


Once in the UK, Sal also became a staple member of legendary rockers 'Never the Bride', performing shows and tours regularly around the UK and Europe. She also toured as the fiddle player with theatre production ‘Essence of Ireland’, performed and recorded with UK Progressive Metal Band 'Seven7' and played Irish fiddle with the popular Ceilidh band, Tight Squeeze, all whilst actively teaching and undertaking session studio recording commitments.


Sal now resides in Suffolk UK, where she can be found looking after other musicians' publishing interests whilst continuing to share her experience and knowledge through teaching and with her continued session recording studio work.